Advertising that works

We understand that reaching your target audience can be difficult and costly. That’s why we work together with local businesses to produce advertising campaigns at a fraction of the cost of other stations and with your target audience in mind..

Who we are

Cabin FM is the only radio station purely local to Herne Bay. We offer a wide range of output covering local issues, culture and specialist music programmes. Our uniquely designed programming schedule means that we can appeal to and target audiences unlike any other radio station.

We’re also a Not for profit company, which means that our profits go back into the station to improve our service to our listeners.

Our reach

We broadcast on 94.6FM across Herne Bay, with a population of approx 38,000, online via our website and via our mobile apps. 

We already know the audience

We speak with the local population every day, be that with guests in the studio, or over the airwaves. Our mainstream programming includes popular hits from the UK, and if that's not for your liking, our specialist music programming on evenings and weekends might be for you. By working with us, we can help communicate your brand or local business to your target audience. Our unique schedule means we can reach those most likely to be interested in your particular business or service.

How it works

Radio commercials are usually out of reach for most, particularly smaller, local businesses. As a not for profit company, we don't pay shareholders, and as such can offer professional radio advertising at a fraction of the cost of other stations. As we only cover Herne Bay and surrounding areas and can target your advertisement to the best audience, you won't be wasting money by paying for advertising outside of your business catchment area.

Cabin FM can offer professionally produced advert, if you don't already have a radio advertisement. Our team at Cabin FM create dynamic advertisements professionally produced & voiced, with commercial music rights included.

We'll work with you to create a 30- 40 second commercial to a script, professionally voiced with commercial music rights. You then pick the airtime package to suit your budget.

For more information, leave a message on 01227 806 121 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.