Cabin FM, or Radio Cabin as we were known back then, has been in existence here in the Bay, since 1970. The station was founded, by the late Ed Foley and was first based in the Cabin (from which we derive our name,) that housed the youth facilities in the town's Memorial Park. We began broadcating directly to the town's Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital and also to the Strode Park Home for the disabled.

Over the years, we have had many people from all walks of life come through our doors and some have even gone on to progress their careers with other radio stations, here in the UK and beyond. We have also been proud to serve our local community, by providing PA services to local institutions and were also home, to the recording of the town's Talking Newspaper.

In more recent years, we have been based in the mall in the town centre and also in the grounds of the town's local football club. You will currently find us based in the town's Neptune hub, next to our great local cinema, the Kavanagh!

We have also expanded our reach to listeners beyond our original bases in recent years, having been an early convert to the world of internet radio. It is with the greatest pride however, that since April 2017, we have been broadcasting to our local community on 94.6 FM. We were also successful in gaining an extension to our licence, in 2022!

We don't let our past define us however and look to the future with enthusiasm, so, if you want to get involved in our great station and be part of the next chapter of Cabin FM, head over to the Join Us page, to find out how!