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Reculver CEPS Logo

It used to be called the 11+ but is now known as the Kent Test

Entrance to waste ground

Police have reportedly spent the afternoon carrying out a search of waste ground off Sweechbridge Road & the Thanet Way. 

Herne Bay Coastal Community Team Banner

Herne Bay Coastal Community Team’s Nigel Hancock – speaking on Radio Cabin 94.6 FM has praised the work of the Town Ambassadors

Heron Sculpture

Art enthusiasts are hoping to obtain £100,000 to erect a metal sculpture of a heron at the end of Herne Bay’s harbour arm.

The mechanical representation would move its wings to signify the ebbing and flowing of the tide – that movement powered by the tide itself.


Commuting to work from Herne Bay by rail will be 3.6% dearer from next January. The price rise – which is settled annually – is based on the retail price index – and that has come under fire from commuter associations as it is higher than the consumer price index used for inflation indexing.

Aerial View Of Strode Farm

A decision on the building of 800 homes at Herne is expected before the year is out.

The plans for homes at Strode Farm are being considered by the government’s planning inspector after a public enquiry following the City Council’s failure to complete the process in the allotted time.

Kent Air Ambulance on Herne Bay Beach

The Kent Air Ambulance made a landing on Herne Bay beach this morning (Sunday 13th August 2017) between the pier and the bandstand. It landed at around 11:15am.

Early reports suggested a teenager practicing parkour suffered a wrist & possible head injury.

Police Officer

Three men have been arrested following a series of early morning raids earlier today.

Police carried out the raids in Herne Bay, Hoath, Seasalter, Canterbury & Chislet in relation to the recent thefts of medical equipment.

The scene of the alleged attack

Two people have been arrested after an attack at a fish and chip shop on the old Thanet Way at Whitstable.

A 25 year old woman and a 51 year old man have been detained following what is thought to be a substance hurling incident resulting in a chef being taken to hospital.

Bayfest Logo

Organisers are heralding a successful and exciting opening week to Bayfest 2017 in Herne Bay.

The events on the Pier stage have been well attended – kicking off with a reggae evening last Saturday which was broadcast live on Radio Cabin 94.6 FM. Bayfest continues with a host of other events around the town and Herne Bay is now gearing up for Carnival Day this coming Saturday.