Stock image of someone breaking into a car

Kent Police have issued reminders to be extra vigilant about maintaining security following an increase in thefts from vehicles. 

In just one night on 23rd August, 10 thefts were reported across the Canterbury district which incorporates Herne Bay.

Superintendent Andrew Pritchard said, "It is important to remember that thieves will strike wherever they see an opportunity and do not discriminate by town or village."

"That is why we should all remember to keep our vehicles locked and secure at all times, and to ensure any valuables are removed when we are not there to keep them safe."

Kent Police have issued the following advice to vehicle owners:

  • Lock and alarm your vehicle
  • Remove items left inside
  • Secure belongings in your boot if you need to leave your vehicle while you are out
  • Park in a secure car park or well-lit location whenever possible
  • Always wipe away satnav suction marks left on your windscreen so thieves do not think the satnav is still inside