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Our officers have been monitoring the situation very closely following the water pollution incident involving the Southern Water Brook Road combined sewer overflow in Swalecliffe, which happened between 3.03pm and 7.19pm on Friday (6 August). Southern Water has completed some modelling work and has now confirmed to us that the impact of the incident will be for up to 48 hours and that it will reach Herne Bay. Previously they had said it would reach Studd Hill. Our foreshore team has already placed more public information notices across the extended area. The clear advice remains that you should not go into the water between Tankerton and Herne Bay. This advice will not be lifted until we are completely satisfied that the sea is safe. After our first post yesterday, many people were asking what we were going to do about this. Please be assured that work is taking place on the ground, as set out above, to keep our residents and visitors safe and we are in constant communication with Southern Water. It goes without saying that what has happened over the last 24 hours is completely unacceptable and we will be demanding an explanation from Southern Water about what has gone so badly wrong. But we have to be clear that we do not have any powers to enforce against or fine Southern Water. That responsibility sits with the Environment Agency. We are already in discussion with the Environment Agency about this incident so that we can understand how it happened and how Southern Water can prevent it from happening again.
Agid & Serhat Yalcin

Two men who carried out a violent attack on a man in Canterbury city centre have been jailed.

Serhat and Agid Yalcin assaulted the victim, who is in his sixties, in the city's High Street on Tuesday 1st September 2020.

They stamped on and kicked the victim, leaving him with serious head and arm injuries which required extensive hospital treatment.

Three men have been arrested following a robbery in Whitstable.

The incident occurred at around 3pm on Friday 12th March at a shop in Joy Lane near Florence Avenue, where a member of staff was assaulted and a quantity of cash and cigarettes were taken. Police were called to the robbery in progress and attended the scene.

Canterbury City Council have announced a crack down on dog owners who don’t clear up after their pets.

Council Enforcement Officers will be patrolling some of the worst affected areas in the district to catch the minority of owners who don’t do the right thing. Some of the areas in Herne Bay which have been worst affected and will see frequent visits by Officers are the seafront, Hampton, Curtis Wood and Brunswick Square.

Police are appealing for witnesses following an attempted dog theft near Canterbury.

At around 3pm yesterday (Wednesday 10th March), a man was walking his dog in Blean Woods when another man holding a stick approached and demanded that he give him his dog. The victim refused and the man left the scene.

The scene following the theft

A cash machine has been taken in an early morning raid at a petrol station.

Thieves struck at around 1.50am this morning (Monday 1st March 2021), using a CAT digger to remove the cash machine at the Shell Lychgate filling station on the A299 near Dargate. A considerable amount of damage was caused in the process.

The Titanic

After a year of uncertainty, assorted restrictions and several cancelled events, you could be forgiven for looking forward to getting out and enjoying life. Always a rich area for things to do, Herne Bay has certainly suffered during the pandemic!

One such event you may have been looking forward to is the Titanic Honour & Glory Exhibition which was scheduled to take place at The King’s Hall between the 5th and 17th of April this year.

From 2nd December, Kent will be placed in Tier 3 restrictions. These restrictions will be reviewed every 2 weeks, with the first being completed by 16th December 2020.

On Sunday 8th November, Cabin FM transmitted a simulcast of the Remembrance Sunday service held at the Cenotaph in Herne Bay's War Memorial Park. This is the link to re-live, or watch for the first time, the Act of Remembrance for 2020.


A number of people have been charged following an investigation into the thefts of lifesaving medical equipment.

Between September 2016 and August 2017, the equipment, including 300 defibrillators, was taken from ambulances and buildings in Herne Bay as well as other towns, including Thanet, Ashford, Chatham, Northfleet and the Isle of Sheppey.